There's lots of playing in our past. So many shows. Singing to so many people. Especially these last two years. Over 50 club dates as Liza & the WonderWheels in 2006-2007, not counting all the parties. Then there's Larch shows and the Beef experience, and the mind boggles if we spin out even further into what the rhythm sections get up to. So it is a novelty that here in the present we find ourselves currently, purposefully under-booked. In terms of shows that is. The immediate future plan includes 6 recording sessions at Wombat in the month of December to finish up our third album. And performing things just do come up. For instance, a week from this Sunday - December 2 - I've been asked by my friends in Crash Course Karaoke to guest host. That's right, back to Kenny's ... Chilling our gig schedule also means I get to go out and see some live music I am not on a bill with. My pleasure, people! Thanks for the entertainment! I was joyful to be present at Kirsten Williams' first full show in quite a while. She really has a unique and beautiful voice, and is a singular presence in the moody-melodic (a-little-bit-anti)folk, songwriterly scene. And who coaxed Kirsten out to play by getting more music into Bar on A (which I've found both times I've been there to be a warm place with friendly staff, and a good little listening room unless there are some extra rowdies at the bar)? The ever-true John Pinamonti , who followed Kirsten with his ever-so-accomplished band and played a focused, passionate set right to the room. The next night we hung at Freddy's, mostly sitting, drinking in the back room as four sets of performers came and went filling the room with their music and their people. I never get to do that as a civilian, and persistence paid off because after the self-conscious eccentric songwriter whose best song conjured up a Poguesy drunktank vibe; after the horrifyingly self indulgent set from the second band whose lead singer really pissed me off joking about the inferior looks of some blind date while incorporating three different shirt changes into the act to display his hairy backed 300lb. tuber body; and after the bewildering third band who didn't seem to care about playing music so much as hanging out, cracking up at their mistakes, we were there to see Pocket Monster totally come into their own. They turned in the best set I've ever seen them play, confident, sonically together, and they just would not stop playing! It was great. They are releasing their second record, and I've heard it and I like it: fresh, party-ful vibe with again more confidence rocking the vocals and one or two unexpected, but very nice surprise tracks. So rave on Pocket Monster! I've added a link under bands we like. And thanks for the sandwiches! I have more to cover, but Thanksgiving is calling... Also, finished another new song. This one is called "Cast Away."

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