Happy 2008! I've neglected to post as of late. We've been in the studio... it's going great! At a recent holiday party (in fact the same blood stained soiree described below) I was asked by someone trying to show interest if we wanted to "make it" or were "just content to do music as a hobby and have a day job." Besides not wanting to address the black and white thinking of these two options isolated from a host of more likely and more self-actualized realities - it was early in the evening and I wasn't warmed up literally from the cold walk from the train much less prepared to take on any degree of spokeswoman like activities such as answer these deep questions - I was relieved and amused when the inquisitor seemed charmed by my vague "well, we do what we do, the world does what it does, and sometimes things... intersect?" Over the holidays I watched this movie called The Unheard Music about X who were not "the last American band to get played on the radio" but I know what they are talking about. It's not too early in the year to mention the facts of the situation, but I'm ignoring the consolidated consumerism of corporate media on the one hand to focus on anticipation for upcoming releases this year as well as Beefstock 7 music festival - now with promised Brooklyn Cable Access Featured Coverage!

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