The WonderWheels show at tonight will be a true rarity. In the 4+ years we've been playing as a band, we've never played a show without a drummer before. We had a "tricycle" rehearsal last night and everything sounded really good; an interlocking sense of spaciousness to the songs, and we played about 15 of them - old, new and newer - to pick 9 or 10 on the spot as the moment demands. For the rest of the summer we'll be doing more what we've been doing lately: rocking it out, starting the party, attempting to generate transcendent states of increased happiness in our audiences through exposure to our hysterically exciting and unique performances. But for tonight Liza, Ian & Andy will be doing a show that shares that quietly spiritual feeling we get when we play for ourselves in our living rooms. Not that the material will be particularly quiet; I do want an acoustic Liza & the WonderWheels show take place someday, with acoustic bass as well as acoustic guitars, but that show will definitely include Joe on percussion.

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