[Yesterday was my personal Sunday. I worked on an art project (collage), cooked and baked some things and did laundry. I left the computer off for 24 hours. It was great; I feel refreshed.] Thanks to everyone who came to our show at Crash Mansion! You know it's not often we forsake our crumbles of the underground: the freak bars, the dens of art, the alternative galleries, for the clean, backlighted space of a trendy Manhattan club. I appreciate that you went there with us. I think we had a good time, but don't worry we'll dress you down and take you out back to Brooklyn and other hot spots of the hinterlands for the summer season. For instance: this Saturday at the Liberty Heights Tap Room we are playing with 9 bands. All our rowdy friends will be partying for the MFA 5 benefit to fight ALS. ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and is also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. The symptoms of the disease start as fatigue and weakness, which leads to paralysis, until eating and breathing are affected. In most cases ALS results in fatality within two to five years from the first appearance of symptoms, and the patient's brain/mental competency remain unaffected until impaired by oxygen deprivation in the final stages of the disease. In short, it's a horrible thing to have and if your Mama or your boyfriend got it you would hope that someone out there was giving a damn and researching how to lessen the suffering of this disease, the cause of which is at this time unknown. And, this just in: Q104.3 FM will be helping to promote the MFA benefit show, and I do appreciate that while simultaneously busting their chops for being a Clear Channel station.

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