Happy New Year! Just updated our reviews page with a new review from, and changed the look of it so you can read our full reviews without having to click over to the reviewer’s site if you don’t feel like it. Also falling under the category of By The Way: MFA 6 (Musicians Fight ALS - the benefit show we were part of at The Hook this past November) ended up raising a grand total of $1,020 - which has been contributed to ALS-NY, and will be used to fund research to find a cure for ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s disease). Thanks again to the organizers of this event and to all who came and contributed. It was a pleasure to dedicate a night of what we do anyway – hang around, watch other bands, and then rock ourselves – to a worthwhile cause. For us, 2006 ended in a pandemonium of shows, special X-mas shows & studio work on our third record. Fun! I got to listen to recordings of our last three December shows back-to-back one night last week, and I have to immodestly say we are getting so really, very good. And, we’ve been listening to the bootleg of this Television live show, so if you want to know where our standards are at… 2007isgonnarock2007isgonnarock2007isgonnarock!

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