Well the Brute Force play "King of Fuh" was really something last night. Finally, I got inside and know what the deal is with the Players Club the building with the wrought iron balcony on the south side of Gramercy park on which I've so often seen Drama Queens (old, white and male usually) drinking and smoking. A private club established by Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth (the brother of John Wilkes who secured a place in history by assassinating President Lincoln) Samuel Clemens a.k.a. Mark Twain was a founding member and his pool cue hangs in the bar. I was standing with Brian from Pocket Monster when Joe Franklin walked in. Yeah, it was really something. I can't draft a review of Brute's 90 minute play right now, because I'm heading off to South Dakota tomorrow for a family wedding. I confess to a New Yorkish paranoia that if we're pulled over I'll be interrogated and detained in some secret pro-choice liberal re-training compound, but I have confidence in my Dad's driving. Did you know you can't even get a direct flight from JFK, LaGuardia or Newark airport to the entire state of South Dakota? You either have to transfer in Minnesota or someplace, or fly to Omaha, Nebraska and rent a car which is what we're going to do. Vermillion, here I come. In the meantime check out the Images page for three entire new albums of photos so you don't miss me while I'm gone. Added: - 7 self portrait photos. - 7 portrait photos I took of Ian, Andy and Joe. - 13 photos from our show at Freddy's last Saturday. Thanks to Greg Ross and Nadine Miller for the photographs of us playing.

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