The tip of my right thumb is still a little bruised from when I was hitting some crash cymbals with the tambourine at the end of the show on Saturday, and it got in the way. Just one hit, that's all it takes to hurt sometimes. Other things fail to strike so deeply. For instance, the Woodstock show that I had posted for Nov. 5 has retreated back into non-existance due to drama with the act who booked the show. It's ironic because that was the show around which I booked a weekend of upstate performances. However, the Friday & Saturday night shows (which I booked directly) remain solid, and I'm glad we're doing a little traveling and playing in this period where we're also back in the studio working on our third record. So despite the end of the impetus, our upstate weekend remains. And, as these things have a way of working out, I should shortly be able to announce that quite a good band will be joining us for Saturday night at the Firebird in Rhinebeck. Keep an eye on the shows page for all that info. For about half a sec I was disappointed that I wasn't more disappointed. I mean, I've written some good songs ("Meet the Animal," "On the Bridge") under the influence of the emotional rush of anger and disillusionment. What if I'm getting too balanced? Too (Oh No!) grown up? But that's not what's happening. I've learned a few things, been burned by a few crazy people, and now when someone does something that makes me emotionally cringe, if I can just stay out of it, so much the better - my time is limited enough as it is. I'll be writing about our third record as we head into the studio for our first recording session this weekend, meanwhile the songs I'm writing are for the fourth record, so I'm working through ideas of conflict as there seems to be so much of that going on in the world right now. Does anyone else remember a grade school English class where you were told that all literature boils down to a few conflicts - man vs. man, man vs. self - and other sexistly put constructs? Apparently that lecture exists because I found evidence of it on the World Wide Web. Well I'm pretty over the you vs. me. Too much going on trying to figure out me vs. me vs. society. Also, I'm fortunate to be able to say that the virtually every person I've collaborated with to make live music performances happen has been way cool. So hey, it was time for a minor let down, a little flake out, no biggie. I do apologize to people in the Woodstock area who were expecting to rock with us that night. If you don't care to drive, there's always Beefstock VI which we'll be playing at Full Moon in Oliveria, NY - a two day music festival April 6-8, 2007. I started to move things around on the images page, preliminary to posting an indulgent amount of photos from our UK tour this August. I also put up scans of the two newspaper articles that published about us. They demonstrate different flavors of journalism, and their existence pleases me mightily! We had so much fun across the pond - about enough to keep us until touring season 2007.

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