Entertainment tonight: super quadruple Carino - Warnick - Smith - Sharples bill at the Parkside kicking off around 8:30. And the answer to the most frequently, recently asked question is: Soon! England tour photos coming soon. It's just that with 650+ photos and video footage from every show to choose from it takes a little effort to piece together the best parts for a lively short story for you all to enjoy. Otherwise we might have to sedate people with turkey and stuffing and glaze their eyes over with a 13 hour slide show, video presentation and story session. And do we have some stories! One of the most remarkable things about this last England tour was how well we all got on together. Laughing all the way! It even carried over to our recent touring band meeting to review the video footage and start picking songs to post online. It all started while Ian & I were waiting for Andy to pick us up in his car, and it was drizzling, and we were sharing an umbrella so we started singing that song Bus Stop . So we get to the second couplet in the bridge, and without consciously realizing it Ian changes the lyrics from "All the people stared as if we were both quite insane" to "All the people stared as if we were from Planet Mars" - and it just kills me. We're still waiting for our ride and I'm completely cracked up laughing, can't stop, and Ian doesn't quite see why it's so hilariously funny, but it just fits with his Gravity Rocks brain, and I'm busting myself up with alternate lyrics like: All the people stared as if we were from Planet Mars And then they'd drive real fast and splash us with their cars or All the people stared as if we were from Planet Mars So I said screw it let's just go out to the bars ... well I think it's funny... The limited edition/sneak preview tour CD that we made about 300 of - ANTI-GRAVITY GARAGE - has received a very nice, unsolicited review. We didn't do any mailings or publicity for this CD in the USA, figuring the touring band blend confuses the issue for both bands. Likewise I'm not posting this on the press page , but our pal, Black Death Beer Vampire Vlad , gets it all and says: Larch & the WonderWheels - ANTI-GRAVITY GARAGE "Good name from a band that gets spacey at times. This is really a special project that combines the two bands of a dating couple. Ian comes with his band The Larch and Liza has the WonderWheels. It's a good match, both as a relationship and as a musical production. They created this hybrid out of necessity when touring England earlier this month. This was the CD they produced as a taste of things to come. I have to confess to liking Liza's songs better but then again she is cuter than Ian and her songs are more accessible for me. Don't want to take anything away from Ian mind you, see this guy play live and you will be impressed. Especially if you love watching a true guitar master at work. One who understands nuance and how to make his guitar sing as sweetly as Liza does onstage. I rate this hard to get collectors edition album a "buy"." I also went into the archives to update the lyrics page for "Clergy Man" (MEET THE ANIMAL) with the text of the article that inspired the song.

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