It's the end of the incommunicado! (I mentioned computer problems; it was as if in the final days of 2006 the computer Furies* knew, they just knew, that although I had bling'ed out on a PowerBook in the final days of 2005, no greenbacks had been transacted for technology in 2006. And so something broke, or rather I broke the screen, and AppleCare did not care, and I was left the guilty breaker mad and sad and with a pile of computer options to con-fuzzle through. I did it though, the whole time feeling far behind on communications, replies and promotionals, and now we've got a bigger screen, oooh and a full size keyboard nicer to type on, ohhh, so bring on the photos and YouTube and sound files... the only thing that can hold back this organization now is disorganization!) *[I love the disclaimer at the top of this page: "Hey, yo, buddy this article is about the characters from Greek myth. For shit about 'dat TV show click here 'kay?"] Heard about a DJ in Japan that has our name a little wrong: Liza & the WondeeWhgeels. Maybe from the translation between western characters and the international keyboard? Although, always looking forward, I feel that the best show is the next show, a mention must be made that Saturday's show at Freddy's was our best performance so far. I promise a write-up, but first I've got to add 10 new friends to our e-mail list.

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