Silly Songs I think it's genetic. I make up silly songs all the time, narrating life, entertaining our cats, slagging commercial jingles; I think it's funny, maybe annoying late at night on days when I've had to much caffeine, but nothing to be taken too seriously. Every once in a while one of these impulses will strike someone else's fancy and together we'll actually go so far as to develop a structured song out of it. Maybe pick up a guitar and figure out some chords. Here are some lyrics I found scribbled on yellow scrap paper, hiding out with other detritus from the earliest part of the new millennium. I remember it was written with Ian on the Sunday night of a Labor Day weekend when it was hot and I was too languid to face getting it together to go out to someone's show. It's fun because it recalls the W-burg boom when everyone in our Freddy's scene was a bit narked that the northern neighborhoods of Brooklyn were being lauded while our IT-bands were overlooked by the hypers of big media yet again. And it contains some bygone references to clubs now closed and one still open. (Nothing personal North Six - I saw a great Jonathan Richman show there - it just worked in the moment.) And now, the very silly "I Don't Wanna Go to Williamsburg" I read it in a magazine so you know it must be true Across the bridge in Williamsburg there's something hip to do Sarcastic eyeglasses and living in a loft I don't Wanna Go to Williamsburg I life on 4th Avenue almost to Bay Ridge I'm telling you South Brooklyn is where all the action is In the deli downstairs you hear Mexican and Japanese I don't Wanna Go to Williamsburg (bridge) Yeah Yeah Yeah don't like the L line Yeah Yeah Yeah won't go to North Six I'm so glad we're not ironic I'm so glad we're not Luxx... we're deluxe! I don't Wanna Go to Williamsburg

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