Have you heard that we're playing next Wednesday May 30 at the Parkside Lounge in the East Village? (With the savvy and talented Paula Carino on before us. 9pm.) It's true... ... I should really let some people know about it by sending out the e-mail show announcement. Man, I am really just not feeling the 'blog right now. It's cause I'm up to something, but I don't want to reveal yet. I'm gonna hog it to myself just like the name of our third record which I listened to on a car trip (BBQ in NJ) this weekend. We're in progress - I like to listen a lot before going back with the finishing touches, corrections, mixing. Had to listen to "No Exceptions" back at our place. The song was skipping in the car, but I had the Wombat make us each a copy of the album-in-progress and it was just that disc that had a flaw. The double drums sound great! I did lead vocals the last week of April, and there's Ian harmony. We did some double tracking and it all sounds really full.

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