Last week, returning home from the summer's adventures, I threw myself into the arms of the city, seeing shows, catching up on artists and friends, reviewing storefront turnovers and venue adaptations... coordinating pulses, back again. Ran into friends on the train and on the street. Wore boots every day. Got 45 minutes of drum practicing time in a sloppy 5am stranger-jam after a Ned Lamont party (and reading that link I'm glad I only contributed $2 to make up for one can of beer - that's pretty much how I feel about the Democratic party: If I show up it will be late, after the good shows, and I ain't paying, but I won't rip you off neither). Got a little slumpish over the Labor Day weekend, but if it's Tuesday I'm fall focused. Now is the time to rehearse for next month's recording sessions (twice last week), and attend to booking (new show, Sun. 11/5 @ the Colony Arts Center in Woodstock, NY posted today), and I'm working on a song, and there's no end to becoming the best rock band you can be.

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