Song chums: finished a new one called "Can Better Days Be Far Behind?" Appropriate timing - a protest song for election day - although the seed was planted on August 12 this year. I know the date because we had a show at Freddy's with Alicia Levy , and the energy was so high after her set that a semi-acoustic jam broke out. The drum kit had already been dis-assembled, and I recall Andy, Joe and maybe some other people playing various percussion. Alicia led us off with a bluesy finger picking riff and Ian was also playing guitar. It wasn't the first thing I sang, but at some point for me a song formed. We jammed right through it, but the idea stayed with me. Recently I expanded the idea and wrote the song, recalling the feeling of the music from memory, and that's the scoop. Coincidentally I'm finally getting around to going through some photos I took that evening. In my defense, I was pretty sick of opening, editing, saving, uploading, etc. etc. etc. digital files after sorting through the England experience, but since I do love taking photos I gots to work with the images to share them with anyone. Sometimes I wish to be the type of person who is all up and on top of everything. You know, go home and sort through the photos the next day, something breaks and you get it fixed right away, everything up to date and organized. Life's too short, I know. Still, I think I'm doing alright in this mad world. You did go and vote today, right? Here in NY where we're assured of Democrats Spitzer and Hillary, you can feel free to select a Green party candidate or two if you are so inclined.

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