Entertainment tonight: the Paula Carino show at Mo Pitkin's. 8:30.  http://www.myspace.com/paulacarino http://www.mopitkins.com And check out episode 9 of Brooklyn vs. Bush, I'm all over it and there's a rebroadcast of the Liza & the WonderWheels video for "We Are the Media." Who's mini-famous!? My favorite part of me playing at being the talk show host is when I turn to the camera and start barking ART, ART, ART like a deranged Chihuahua with layered 80's hair... http://www.brooklynvsbush.com or Watch on TV BROOKLYN - Mondays at 11:30pm - watch with friends at Freddy's Bar. - BCAT channel 3 - Time Warner channel 56 - Cable Vision channel 69 MANHATTAN - Wednesdays at 9pm - MNN1 / Time Warner channel 34 - RCN or digital cable channel 110

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