Hey, from today through April 25 you can vote for us in Radio Crystal Blue's annual airplay vote we're in bracket #12 and you can actually go back and vote for us once every day if you feel like it. Thanks! Although MEET THE ANIMAL has been available stateside since Jan. 06 and in the UK since July 06 it was only released to Australia in Feb. 07. Since then we've been getting considerable airplay so thanks to: Kaz at Joy 94.9 FM in Melbourne for leading the charge, and ISON live radio for picking up two of our songs for Pacific Rim syndication. In just two weeks "Meet the Animal" has gone from #23 to #21 and "Song About a Pigeon" is flying up from #39 to #6. Can we replicate our 2003 triumph when "On the Bridge," the first track on our first record, saw over 10 solid weeks at #1 down under? Aussie or not, feel free to check out ISON and request one of our songs . A little random, but completely delicious: vegan tapas . Work on our third record continues apace. I haven't listened to the rough mixes since yesterday, so let me do that and compose a show e-mail for next Thursday March 15 when we're opening for Skelter's CD release at Otto's Shrunken Head and get back to you...

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