Manitoba's (last night) has those pictures on the wall: Dick's memories and rock royalty, everyone thin and sneering, cool and charming, obnoxious and mesmerizing. Great atmosphere, lovely people, good music played through a distorting p.a. Talked about the Christmas Compilation with the legendary Fran Powers - how happy to already have fall excitement to look forward to. Aw shucks to Jonsey, who ain't shy with his praise for our Meet the Animal record, introducing me as the next greatest and singing the guitar riff from Sweet Pea back to Ian out on the street. For the England shows (Aug. 1-6, 2006) we are combining to become Larch & the WonderWheels. Ian, Liza, Andy, Tom had band meeting last Sunday on master set lists and plane tix, then snappity snap snap upstairs at the top of the stairwell in front of the roof door and 1930's bannister of our apartment building. Pictures posted on the Pictures page, and confirmed shows added to the Shows page. Please note this is a one-off and just the way things worked out for this one week of shows. We may do one low-key play-out with this line-up in NYC before we go, but as always Liza & the WonderWheels remain Liza, Ian, Andy, Joe.

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