No blood was spilled on Saturday at Wombat, and we recorded our first down-tempo single in under 8 hours including the late supper sushi break. Notable: - Using jazz cymbals for extra siss - That bass part with the riff designed to evoke balloons - "Hey" For the rest of the long weekend I went on vacation in Brooklyn: Spent Sunday wandering around Brooklyn Heights with WonderMary, our art designer for our first two records, taking photos of flowers and architecture, walking the promenade, catching up and having brunch. The Memorial Day party we were invited to was so casual it got moved from apartment to park at the last minute. So whilst some frolicked in the UV rays down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, we stayed closer to home in our Ridge by the Verrazano, first at a bar/cafe with all the doors and windows open as late afternoon fought off a thunderstorm. Then at home we enjoyed the delicacies that we + our guest would've brought to the party (including a 20lb watermelon spiked with vodka, and no way were we lugging that sucker to the park). Booking update: Another UK date confirmed. We're only 1 or 2 shows away from our full England roster! Will post the lot (and buy plane tix) soon.

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