And speaking of clothes, today I'm retiring a very sentimental pair of shorts. Once upon a time in the 1970's they were a pair of light blue jeans. Not 80's Levi's light blue, but the light blue canvas type of 1970's jeans. At the time I was incubating, my Dad was working towards his doctorate and teaching undergrads at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. He and my Mom lived out in the boondocks, renting a farm with actual horses and cows and snakes and swamps. At some point during her pregnancy, my Mom swiped these jeans, cut them off, and wore them as maternity shorts. Years later, during my first hippie phase (which would be about the 10th grade in high school), my Mom tried to put these shorts in charity box, and I swiped them from her, digging their ragged cut-off-ed-ness and figuring it's good luck or some other type of completion vibe to wear the shorts that Mom wore while I was gestating, or something like that. Needless to say they were already pretty tore up by that point, and over the years I've mostly worn them around the house. Except, for the past two years, I've taken these shorts with me down to Ocean City when I visit my parents during their week at the beach house. They're really short now as they continue to unravel, but they're fine for over a swim suit when walking on the beach. Well, these old shorts tore in three additional places in the past week, and so it is with a fond farewell I finally throw what's essentially a scrap of fabric into the trash, our family having literally worn these jean shorts out. You don't want to see the condition of the hooded sweat shirt I only wear when I have the flu... Posted some new pics: a new self portrait taken in the distorted mirror of CMS rehearsal studio in Brooklyn when we were rehearsing "Larch & the WonderWheels" for the UK tour. And a whole link from our show at the Grape Street in Philadelphia. Can you believe that was only about seven weeks ago? I know, it seems like much longer to me too. Tomorrow I head up to Great Barrington, Mass. to play Songwriters in Mixed Company on Thursday night.

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