We have not slowed down this summer! Not one Walt Whit. I'm writing in a steno pad on my lunch hour for later transcription. Seriously. The next full Liza & the WonderWheels set will be played at Kenny's Castaways on Bleecker St. We'll be kicking off a night of great music at 8, opening up for our pals Skelter at 9 as they celebrate their Five Year Anniversaray of rawk! Then we'll be joined by Brooklyn's new-new wavers System Noise at 10. I jammed wee hours improv piano with the guitar player from that band months ago at the legendary bacchanal that was Paula's birthday party. I predict Fun Times! Then it looks like we'll be focusing on wrapping up recording and mixing our third record in September - more on that in a bit. (I can't rule out playing entirely as we are suckers for the last minute invitation, but) we have nothing planned right now between this big show next Thursday Aug. 23 and what's shaping up to be a tremendous bill at the Parkside on Sat. Oct. 6. More on that when all is confirmed, and stay tuned for Even Further Excitement as we'll be announcing the dates for the Oct. 2007 Larch & the WonderWheels UK tour shortly. Speaking of the Parkside , you may recall Dan Herman from Radio Crystal Blue field recorded our first show there on May 30, 2007... he played the live version of our song 'Learning Lessons' (UNRELEASED) that he captured then on his radio show this last Sunday Aug. 12. Very cool! That guy sure knows how to keep his long play format fresh and interesting, and I'm super-pleased at the formation of these kind of Wheels Rarities. Cheers!

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