You must remember this: Liza & the WonderWheels are playing at the Parkside Lounge tomorrow, Wednesday May 30 with the fascinating and talented Paula Carino on before us at 9pm. No cover. Interest has been expressed by Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue that he'd like to come and tape the show. Exciting! We'll be playing new songs and smelling our best. Our version of Kimberley Rew's song for Katrina and the Waves "Machine Gun Smith" was posted to The Covers Project on April 12, 2007. If we get many votes on their rating system our song can be featured in their top story box. That would be cool. The last time I was in the studio recording for the third Wheels record was a month ago - Monday April 30. I redid lead vocals on "After Last Night" and "Learning Lessons" and was glad in both cases that I did. The former is more confident, the latter more present than what was possible on the day we recorded the first and now scratched lead vocal takes. Ian also added a bit of 12-string on "Straight to the Body." I love it when he pulls out his handsome Rickenbacker . I'm on the table with this record... fully formed and well dilated, just taking a bit of a breather before the final push out. I was in Wombat yesterday, tracking keyboards and harmony vocals for the new record from The Larch . Lots of sounds man, with the Nord-Nerd in full effect. The powerful intelli-pop of this Brit-led band has been through many dimensional shifts in a lengthy discography, but as we approach the 10 year anniversary of The Larch (with accompanying LarchFest to be held Saturday, Sept. 15 at - where else? - Freddy's) Ian's art has never been surer. There are, however, no Larch shows scheduled until the above 10-year blow-out (although Liza & the WonderWheels could potentially pull out an I.Roure cover at some point over the summer), so come roll along with the Wheels tomorrow night at the Parkside . People say we monkey around.

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