Worth the 10 minute read: excellent interview conducted by Jay Babcock, Editor of ARTHUR Magazine, who dresses down Sully Erna the frontman/lyricist/producer of the band Godsmack. Come to find out this is a band whose album is #1 in the charts right now. Meanwhile the U.S. Navy has re-upped for another 3-year contract to use Godsmack songs in military recruiting commercials, and the band deploys military images of helicopters firing missiles at the stage during their concerts. Things turn heated as Babcock tells Erna "I've never seen such a pro-military band as you guys." And Babcock handles it as beautifully as you'd expect from a righteous fool who could've had one hell of a career as a litigator but instead cross-examines for an increasingly necessary indie publication. It's also hella funny. In local news: several copies of the new Liza & the WonderWheels record were distributed in Puerto Rico last week by my Dad when he went on business. Thanks Pops!

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