Some experiences you just want to have in completeness and not write about until all is finished and you've had a moment to reflect. Like our first tour of overseas full-band shows. The important news is that we're all home safe and sound and everything went great: we had a marvelous time, the shows were a big success, we went down really well and met loads of great people. I aim to have a more descriptive entry of the different shows we played up in the new few days. Then to work sorting out the hundreds of photos and dozens of sound files. Did I mention we had a great time? We did! Certainly we will tour again. We're ready right about now, actually... Oh, and hey this Saturday we'll be hanging out at good ole Freddy's playing music as Plastic Beef . We'll be jamming from 8 to 10:30 and certainly a few Liza & the WonderWheels songs will be played in that time. At 11:30 another mad wanderer, the compelling Alicia Levy will take the stage. She's only in town a few weeks a year. Not to be missed if you like kick-ass female guitar playing and soul-honest singing.

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