Sent this invitation out today: SUN 9/7 WonderWheels VIDEO SHOOT you are invited... Hey WonderFriends, This SUNDAY September 7 from 3-6 in the afternoon we're gonna be lighting up the backroom at Freddy's as we shoot the final round of footage for a WonderVideo for our song "Where's My Robot Maid?" The plan is to embed this video gem right into the CD of our third record which will be released in January (exact release date tba...) Freddy's - at 485 Dean St. between 6th Ave. and Flatbush in Brooklyn - has always been so super-great to us... Donald and the regulars at Freddy's have understood our philosophical-psychedelic brand of jammy New York rock right from the beginning, and supported us and gave us room to grow up as Liza & the WonderWheels. I really wanted to include Freddy's in this very exciting video project. Our director is none other than the very cool, very creative James Dean Conklin who we've already enjoyed working with to shoot footage on location, so the plan for this Sunday is basically just to bring it all back home and capture some live playing and partying, and you are invited! Be in the vid or not, it's up to you! Also on the calendar it's Open Mic night in the evening, so bring an instrument, stick around and let's all play together. Some impressive links about Director JDC: Freddy's: And don't forget primary elections the following Tuesday 9/9. Polling places in NYC are open from 6am-9pm. General elections in years when we're voting for Prez are the most attended. The primary election next Tues. will be way less attended and our votes will determine who the masses in November are choosing between. Here in Bay Ridge the local congressional seat is up for grabs thanks to Vito Fossella's hypocritical indiscretions. The two main democrats running are Harrison who is AGAINST the war in Iraq and McMahon who is NOT. Go research, go local, go vote YES to indie rock music videos! Where's my robot maid? You'd think this mess could be clean by now Where's my robot maid? We'll use our jet packs to fly to our space station schools Science will make sense as we all eat such healthy foods Where's my flying car? You'd think technology and things being what they are Where's my flying car? We'll go together to holographic movies We'll all have androids at work to do our duties Where's my robot maid? Where's my robot maid? [Bridge] I don't want the worries of the rich / you should know by now I'm no materialist But the modern world - so disenchanted / find my future more romantic Where's my robot maid? You think this mess could be cleaned up by now Where's my robot maid? Also, didn't want Sept. 2 to completely slip by without saying happy birthday to our deceased friend Lila Levy... Yo Chila, where ever you are we chove you!

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