So if all goes according to plan, this time next week we'll be in England...! Another article was written about us in the Hampshire Chronicle. Here's the link to the internet article . Hopefully it was published with a photo like last time and we can get a copy while we're over there. Please note our calendar has changed a little bit and the Thursday 10/25 show at the Talking Heads was cancelled and replaced by a date on Sunday 10/21 at the King and Queen in Hamble. Our shows page has all the current info and links to venue websites. We'll be kicking off the tour this Saturday night with our only US show at Freddy's , and we'll have a nice big box of the limited edition 2007 tour LP ANTI-GRAVITY GARAGE by Larch & the WonderWheels - come get one while they're fresh! Last weekend's show at the Parkside was fun. Love Camp 7 played an excellent set. I didn't realize we'd be last, at 11pm. I thought our set was well played - even better than the time we played there in May, but I was feeling nostalgic for Old New York after a walk through the LES to get to the club, seeing the monied youth that have taken over downtown. Our chummy crowd boosted my spirits, but then after one round after our set the club closed down the back room music area and we found ourselves in a sleepy bar playing Mazzy Star around 1:30 in the fucking morning on Saturday night/Sunday morning in New York City. People... what is happening? It was great playing with Joe on drums, appreciating his unique contribution to the Wheels, his singular way of approaching drumming with our music. Now it's all LarchWheels, which might not seem that different to some as it's still me & Ian upfront, but it is different to me combining both our songs and having Tom on drums. The Amazing Andy Mattina is the other lynch-pin in all these shenanigans. This time next week in England... whee! Tom shot some really excellent pictures of us at the Parkside. Realistically...look for a lot of new images & photos and things to be put up sometime in November. I have had some very entertaining haircuts. Here was our set from 10/6/07: Song About a Pigeon (MEET THE ANIMAL) After Last Night (UNRELEASED) Learning Lessons (UNRELEASED) American Push (AND THE WONDERWHEELS) Where's My Robot Maid? (UNRELEASED) Playing Checkers (UNRELEASED) - into - P-E-T-R-O-L-E-U-M (UNRELEASED) The Point System (AND THE WONDERWHEELS) Meet the Animal (MEET THE ANIMAL) Midnight Lightening (UNRELEASED) No Exceptions (UNRELEASED) Look Ma: No Eddie! Also 2 songs from the first album, and possibly our first ever un-pre-meditated segue.

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