Added links yesterday and almost immediately thought of forgotten things. Added more today but please e-mail or post in the Guestbook what I'm missing. Kind of like MySpace, which I hear like 400,000,000 of the kids are into these days. Except one is enough Web site for one band to manage. Did something unprecedented and left a $30 show at the Canal room 1/2 way through last night. Then got home to find that one of the two dinner chefs... the one that took a Benadryl®... had left one of the gas burners on. Yet thankfully we did no harm. Rehearsing tonight since we squandered Wednesday on the above. We've started writing a futuristic little rock number and will start on two space-themed Bowie songs preparing for the MFA benefit Sat. May 6 at the Tap Room ( 10 days until the big WonderWheels show at Crash Mansion! ( I'm leaving NYC for the next four days. My nuclear family ditched all conventional Spring holidays in favor of a long weekend together at Kripalu yoga spa. (

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