Ian & Liza will be performing in the form of The Larch this Saturday evening at Arlene's Grocery on a bill with the Actual Facts at 7, Paula Carino at 8 and us at 9. I've written a new musing on life, death, illness and mortality in the form of a psychedelic pop tune - "Cold Wind." It hardly needs to be said that compared to the trail of gigs in the four years preceding, for the last six months we've been re-calibrating in the Wonder-cave, so A) it'd be nice to see you Saturday at The Larch show and B) almost when you least expect it, I promise the next Anagen phase of The LizaSongs Project will be upon us, like Christmas, like your Birthday, like the Future. Hail Summer Full of Heat Let August be thy name The Beaches Roam Your hills run down On Earth as this is our Heaven

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