Updated the Pictures of the Band link with three new silly photos from our Halloween show at Kenny's, and removed some old silly photos from the first night with the digital camera and before. At the recording session on Tuesday, we did the Radio Promo simple and goofy in two minutes, and then worked my rhythm guitar part on "Where Is My Robot Maid?" After a plateau period, I think my guitar skills are improving again. I'm really enjoying playing rhythm guitar and thinking about the function of my part in conjunction with what everyone else is playing. The Wombat's feedback is also helping; he contributed a nice arrangement idea for the verses, and Ian said it may be the best guitar part I've ever recorded - ah, the maestro's praise! Moods improved to make an exceptionally invigorating rehearsal last night. In the last week I've started thinking about song writing again, so I had a chord progression I've been toying with and we had a good jam around that one. Then, with all but three of the backing tracks recorded for our third record, we got some good work done on three new songs, and then had satisfying renditions of the remaining three.

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