Oh dear diary, yes I almost forgot I had one what with all my life that's been going on. But it's only communication if it's shared people, so how about I try for more consistent updates here until our now-ish news & views have been dribbled out...? Now doesn't that sound lovely? We haven't played a show in what for us is quite a while. The next chance to see Liza & the WonderWheels will be Wednesday May 30 at the Parkside Lounge in the East Village. With the savvy and talented Paula Carino on before us. 9pm. I have the results from the Radio Crystal Blue airplay vote 2007: 100 artists were selected by station founder Dan Herman to compete for 31 airplay features. We won Second Stage status which means we will receive featured airplay in the June 10th show. Cool. Thanks everyone for voting! We were informed of our final tally, but honestly I can't remember exactly... we had over 150, but not as many as 200 votes. Still, seems to me like quite a posse.

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