Hey - we're back from England! It was a most completely fabulous, excellent time! Rockin' 7 nights for 7 with some sight-seeing on either side. Lovely country where we were staying, lots of ponies and fresh air. Over the next few weeks we'll be unpacking: I kept a log, 4 people were photographing, a video camera came along... meanwhile, back in Brooklyn we are preparing for Vladapalooza II tomorrow night at Freddy's. Our shows page has been updated with all the gory details. While we were gone, Radio Crystal Blue released their quarterly top 50 airplay chart and we moved up to a three-way tie at position #19. They also played "Clergy Man" (MEET THE ANIMAL) on the 10/29/07 radio show. Thanks RCB! And why not mention that nary a week has passed since 2003 when we haven't received at least about a dozen plays on radio ZFM Australia. So close, yet so far away... some day.

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