Thank you Dan Herman and Radio Crystal Blue for playing two of our songs on last Sunday's 9/30 broadcast. Dan captured a live field recording of our set at the Parkside Lounge last May, and has been leaking this unreleased material little by little. This week he aired "Straight to the Body" and "The Hats." Cha! As most of you know (and a quick glance at our shows page will elaborate) we here at Liza & the WonderWheels central are preparing for the second annual transformation into our England-touring incarnation " Larch & the WonderWheels." Our slogan for 2007: Psychedelic pub rock for glamour loving people! Both bands are set to release new full-length albums early in 2008, so specially for this tour we created a limited edition sneak peak preview CD which we're calling "ANTI-GRAVITY GARAGE." This record will not be sold online - only at live shows, and we only pressed 300 so we figure if they're not gone by the time we get back, they'll certainly disappear by Thanksgiving. So, for all you complete-ists out there, I recommend you either catch the only state-side Larch & the WonderWheels show at Freddy's next Saturday the 13th, or shoot me an e-mail so I can reserve you a copy. The record contains early release mixes of four new WonderWheels songs, four new Larch songs, one old out-of-print Larch tune from 1997 and the 2006 WonderWheels single for the Penny For the Guy Records X-mas compilation that is now also out-of print. Talented Tom Pope whipped up the graphics, and the discs - which just arrived this week - look fantastic. I found a copy of the set we played 8-23-07 @ Kenny's. So for the record... Money Changes Everything (COVER) No Exceptions (UNRELEASED) Where's My Robot Maid? (UNRELEASED) After Last Night (UNRELEASED) Learning Lessons (UNRELEASED) Straight to the Body (UNRELEASED) P-E-T-R-O-L-E-U-M (UNRELEASED) Midnight Lightening (UNRELEASED) Eddie Come Down (MEET THE ANIMAL) If our set hadn't been truncated we woulda played "Hush Now Sweet Pea" in between "Midnight Lightening" and "Eddie" and we would've ended with "Song About a Pigeon" (both from MEET THE ANIMAL). Sorry (no I'm not!) if the recitation of set lists is boring... it would be boring reading to me too, but I didn't even think I had a copy of that set until I came across some notes, and who knows it may be info we want to refer back to someday to make sense of a review or write another set list or something. However, speaking of sets, the set we rehearsed yesterday for Saturday's show at the Parkside Lounge (two days to double bill with Love Camp 7 !) seems really good and balanced to me. We're resuscitating a song from our first record, and it was really nice to re-discover a piece of my own material and feel so good about it. Saturday's gonna rock!

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