The Radio Crystal Blue annual airplay vote carries on until April 25 and a blue ribbon for us is far from assured. Only you can help! Please vote for us (in bracket #12) you can vote as often as once a day. Thanks! Rest In Peace: Kurt Vonnegut . His unique way of finding humor in life's tragically ironic situations made his writing both entertaining and inspiring. Slapstick is one of those novels I can read again and again. I was a production assistant one time at the 92nd Street Y and in the green room hanging amongst the head shots of classical musicians and broadway actors, his Einstein-ian visage was the most impressive to me. I never saw him read or lecture, but I would sometimes give his picture a nod when I hustled past delivering copies and bagels to very important people. He was one of those authors that the fact they exist comforts you: the smartness, the perspective. Yet, he pulled no punches. Reading him is both fun and good for you. And another Beefstock came and went. Beefstock the 6th. Kristie Lee has posted pictures . Ah... family! Been mixing some tracks for the new record, and on Monday laid down my lead vocals for "Smug Ugly." I'll modestly say it was a knockout session. Really happy with the performance I got on that one. Here we are the third time around and I do think - with the assistance of Engineer Wombat - I'm getting the hang of how to do this recording thing. Ian recorded his harmony vocals Monday night and then the team shifted just that smoothly into tracking a guitar solo for the next The Larch record, because we are just immersed and prolific like that. Ta-da! Still making the ILR charts. At last update "Song About a Pigeon" was down to #35 from a high of #6, while "Meet the Animal" is up to #10. And we're playing this Saturday at Freddy's . I like it!

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