There's one of two ways you can feel after playing a show: disappointment if there is some technical problem and things don't go well, or in some other way you feel that you've failed to live up to the potential of the moment OR fucking great, hot, ready for anything. We had a brilliant time last night. Lots of fun on stage. Great crowd of people in attendance; smart, interesting, really present and really fun to play for. I've mentioned a few times our new dancy-pants tune "Looking for the Light" which went down a smash. Heads bobbing, chair dancing because it's Brooklyn and that's how we do. It feels heap good to have multiple people call out a new tune and urge you to record it, record it now! The first person who signed the mailing list added a nice comment, and it became a guest book for the evening filled with lots of exclamation points!!! Hey another Saturday night. I keep these things for when I'm feeling sad. And, I have a new obsession: digital photography. It's so next wave to share with your friends crouching around a piece of technology, but the immediacy of image review and all those different settings. I couldn't stop snapping. Now off to learn the camera off-loading process...

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    Taylor Hamilton
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