Excitement tonight: we're playing at Kenny's Castaways - 7pm. No cover. The drummer of Malesh, whose name I couldn't remember in my last posting is Frank M. Sorry Frank! Last Wednesday we had a real good Wheels rehearsal. If I'm completely honest, it's true that some rehearsal evenings we play about eight songs and spend the rest of the 3-4 hours hanging around, talking, drinking, or watching interesting video clips on Joe's TV. This week we were focused, enjoyable. We played 18 songs in two hours; refreshing most of the "Meet the Animal" record as well as playing all the current songs we're recording for our third record, and one or two older songs and oddities. We hope to start right at 7 tonight (although it may be slow that early) simply so we can play a longer set. Don't forget: we're wearing costumes. And, stick around afterwards to do a number with Crash Course Karaoke , this week only featuring the unbeatable rhythm section combo: Filosa+Mattina. Or is that Mattina+Filosa?

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