Thank you Dr. J for playing us last Tuesday, July 8 on your School of Rock radio program on 99.5 FM WUDR the radio station of University of Dayton in Ohio. Even more excitement last week when we WonderWheels went on location to King's County Carburetors for the photo shoot for our upcoming third record. We were so fortunate to be able to use this ideal location, and our absolute visionary Goddess of a photographer, Kristie Lee Dickson , did a beyond superior job. I already have contact sheets in my possession and am so super-pleased. We were also attended by our fabulous video director James Dean Conklin who has undertaken the multi-faceted process of making a music video happen. The garage we shot in was so perfect, real and grimy. We all got a little (more) dirty. I don't think of myself as a model, and I could certainly write a dissertation about how telly has increased the importance of how people who make music look out of all proportion, but I think we've developed a pretty great formula for executing these style obligations with grace and good times: 1) Find a totally excellent, visually interesting and unusual location that has a story to tell for itself 2) Get dressed up to the best of your ability 3) Show up, don't stress, and goof around 4) Use an amazing photographer with a naturally great eye who genuinely likes you Well, it works for us...

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