Yes, we played at Kenny's on Aug. 23... It feels like long ago! What I'll remember about that show is that we had some management hassles - some guy appointed to get in the middle of everything weeks after the night was organized by our chums in the band Skelter. There were e-mails from this guy and calls... just time wasting really and then there this guy is on the night of the show berating me for not bringing enough people 10 minutes before we play, telling me he's not even going to bother to introduce us... as if you can measure the evening's turn-out at 7:50pm, and what's with this stranger giving us a hard time? We certainly know what the deal is by now... and as far as I'm concerned this was essentially a large, sweaty field of bad energy taking $5 out of $6 of the cover charge. Fortunately we knew the most important people - the owner, the sound man and the bartender - and of course when all was said and done with us + Skelter + System Noise it was totally a rocking night. The hassling made me mad, but it was a good kind of mad like when you're tired but not too tired - it just added fuel to my fire, so I was very polite to the large, sweaty field of bad energy, and I waited patiently while he gave the young solo artist (think Asian Jewel from NYU summer school) on before us two encores - totally eating into our time. Then we went up there and burned through our favorite cover of the season (I especially enjoyed the lead singer point on the "you don't know a thing" line) before diving into a high energy set of our current tunes. The show was reviewed by Lucid Culture. The nice things about us have been posted to our press page , or you can read the whole review here for a pretty pointed dissing of the club and of the semi-celebrity who caught our set and complimented me with: "I really like the way you play guitar, Mama" Despite this diss I'd still castaway again at Kenny's. If only it weren't an age of rules and closed upper balconies... Our next show is this Saturday and I expect a much MUCH MUCHO cooler vibe downtown at the Parkside Lounge . Plus we're playing on a bill with Love Camp 7 - one of the best BEST BESTEST band around. 10pm. $5.

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