Still excited about the great new review of our second record MEET THE ANIMAL that came out while we were away in the Fall 2007 issue of Agenda Magazine. Cha! Passed a landmark number of people signed on to receive our e-mails, which feels great. During our recent tour of England I had a conversation with this really upbeat student guy who was giving us super-positive energy during our set. He freaked out for our cover of Talking Head's "Psycho Killer" (Andy sings it), and he turned out to be the first of no less than three people - music fans - I talked to over there who were not familiar with the Grateful Dead. I know! Like them, love them or loathe them, when do you ever hear "Hmmm, Grateful Dead, I think I've heard of that before"? These chaps were from the North of England, studying down in the Warsash area to become merchant seamen. This is why I adore touring - you get all the fun of traveling and meeting all sorts of different people, learning about their backgrounds - and you get to play all the time! So, after looking at a copy of MEET THE ANIMAL, one of these chaps asks me if this is in stores all over America? And before I can answer "No, but it should be", he jumps on to the hilarious supposition "You must be rich!" [And what a good time to give it up for the Art Department! Mary Horenkamp, the Designing Deity, Peter Chance for lighting and taking the cover photo and the lovely Dina Kaliko who spent a great day shooting us at Coney Island. See how just how good y'all are helping us look!?] Well, just like my income, the landmark mailing list is a number that might not inspire some to awe, but is significantly more than third world rock bands have on their e-mailing lists... Anyway, with this welcome increase in our popularity came (menacing chords...) a Creepy Incident. I can say no more for the moment, but it has changed the way I'm thinking about certain aspects of our "celebrity," but while I've got your attention I'll mention that The Larch is playing the International Pop Overthrow music festival at the Baggot Inn on Monday. 11pm. $10. Come early and catch the whole line up: 7:30 - Linda Draper from Queens 8:00 - The Special Pillow from Hoboken 8:30 - The Sun Kings from Melville, NY 9:00 - Pristeen from Liverpool 9:30 - The Get Quick from Philadelphia 10:00 - The Hot Walls from Detroit 10:30 - London Egg from New York City 11:00 - The Larch from Brooklyn

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