There's a "Peace March" in NYC today. How come I always hear about these things at the last minute? I know I've heard from some of the groups organizing the event - they send me letters and e-mails asking for contributions - and sometimes I do, but how come I hear about this "Big" march via e-mails from friends the day before? Last night at the Tap Room open stage we started with some new material that wanted to get out for a sound around. One song we performed for the first time. We worked out that it wants to be played around 192 which is FAST and we didn't start it quite fast enough but it worked okay anyway. It's gonna be a rock-positive dancy little number after another rehearsal or two, so be on the lookout if you have jumpy feet that want to dance. Entertainment tonight: The Larch playing at Freddy's at 10:30. Come enter Ian's world of tight catchy rock songs that mix sci-fi daydreams, political observations and wry humor with blazing, jangly lead guitar. Thrill as Liza plays the keys, sings harmony, and enjoys the company of rock-solid, celebrity drummer Tom Pope, and everybody's favorite Wombat in his first turn on Larch-bass Ross Bonadonna. As a bonus I can heartily endorse the sweet-as-bubble-gum-that-doesn't-loose-it's-flavor power pop of Pennsylvania's Dropzines, on at 9:30 (, and the political punk of The Saudi Agenda on at 11:30. Wait, hold on, there is no Saudi Agenda. Umm, unless there is? ( Monday is the big WonderWheels show at Crash Mansion!

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