Alright! We've finally got our show confirmed for FRIDAY JULY 7 at the Grape Street in the City of Brotherly Love, a.k.a. the City of Women, a.k.a. Philadelphia. I'm not complaining, but our experience of getting this show out of town has been interesting enough to share: My parents live in the suburbs outside of Philly, and on Sat. July 8th they're throwing a party, mainly as an excuse for my Mom's extended cousins to get together since we're in a lull between the last of the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and the rest of us throwing weddings. I thought it would be the ideal time for us to play a show in Philly since many of these family people have never seen me perform really, certainly not with my band and not in years and years if at all. Also this way we're doing our part to work with the club and guarantee some sort of audience, etc. I'd heard of the Grape Street, and thought it was a bit ambitious for us actually, so I searched for something a little more obscure and found the Khyber and ended up in touch with this entertainment/booking company working with a very nice, albeit rather young sounding woman who I called every week from the end of February until mid-May asking if they were able to confirm July shows yet... yet... yet... Things were looking very good for a couple of weeks as they had a hold for us to open on 7/7 at their premier venue the Northstar then we got bumped for a "national" act and were left in mid-May with no date, no hold, nothing... except a sincere sorry and a few suggestions of other places to try. So I quickly sent a few blazing e-mails with lots of capital letters in the subject line explaining the situation and most places were booked already, but after another week or two of uncertainty today I received the final confirmation e-mail that at last we are victorious and booked for 9pm Friday July 7th hip hip hooray!

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