[Don't forget our version of Kimberley Rew's song for Katrina and the Waves "Machine Gun Smith" was posted to The Covers Project . If people could go to their site and highly rate us and if you want post a comment, that would be cool.] Also, check out our freshly updated shows page for details on our summer's activities. We're especially looking forward to two big shows this month: 1) the big MFA VII @ the Hook, Sat. 6/16 - we've got a primo 9:30 spot 2) the big Pope-a-palooza Birthday Party for Tom Pope on Sat. 6/23 at Freddy's Last Wednesday's show at the Parkside was really something. Like Saturday on a Wednesday, with such great people in attendance. Even when we went back to the Parkside on real Saturday to see the Love Camp 7 + Saudi Agenda double bill people were still giving complements about our set. So eventually we gave up all modest protesting and had to agree that with such a fantastic audience, and an inspiring opening set from the Paula Carino band, and in the quality back room of the Parkside well yes, okay I guess we are pretty fabulous. Dan Herman from Radio Crystal Blue did attend and tape the set for posterity and his radio station, and in record time he's already added us to his field recordings page so you can hear us play "No Exceptions" from the show, as well as live recordings from other great local bands like The Sprinkle Genies and The Voyces on his web site here . Our whole set list was: After Last Night (UNRELEASED) Where Is My Robot Maid? (UNRELEASED) Learning Lessons (UNRELEASED) P-E-T-R-O-L-E-U-M (UNRELEASED) Straight to the Body (UNRELEASED) The Hats (UNRELEASED) Midnight Lightening (UNRELEASED) Glam Jacket (AND THE WONDERWHEELS) We Are the Media (MEET THE ANIMAL) No Exceptions (UNRELEASED) Eddie Come Down (MEET THE ANIMAL) Then an impromptu moment closed the show when Paula requested we cover "Walking on Sunshine" and I said okay but only if you sing too.

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