Our Philly excursion was fun, real fun. We're all feeling fine, just fine. The photos will be a bit slower to come online as the images will come in from various sources: only a few on my digital this time, as it was photo-Joe this weekend with the disposables, plus my Aunt who photographed our show prefers to use film. I'll recount the weekend all in good time. Meanwhile, it's Media Monday! 1) Thanks to Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue for spinning "Song About A Pigeon" from MEET THE ANIMAL on this week's show. 2) Thanks also to delightful Dave of Dave's Place who has informed me that the first Liza & the WonderWheels episode will be re-run this Friday, July 14th from 8:30-9pm. For most of the half hour you simply watch us play in front of a retro-groovy visual backdrop a la music television as it was done before MTV music videos. Manhattan Cable Channels: - Time Warner: 57 - RCN or Digital: 85 - Without cable box: 69 Computer: enter at 8:30pm EST this Friday night, click channel 57. 3) The Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse Web site is still up and loaded with two informative episodes of in-the-round talk (moderated by moi) aimed squarely at de-bunking the Ranter-Propaganda clouding the fact that he is making a huge power-play land-grab for Downtown/Prospect Heights, Brooklyn with his Nets arena/17 skyscrapers "development" plan, aided by political cronies abusing eminent domain to steal rights from everyone, property from neighborhood residents and tax money from area citizens.

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