What a great weekend: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Marathon Day. That's how it went down here in Brooklyn, New York City. Marathon Day offers a lot of great metaphors, Sunday brunch-time socializing, and an incredible amount of trashed paper cups and racer's debris. I can't pretend to understand running in a pack like that, but hey to each their chosen form to practice. I too am in training with the playing and writing, performing, conveying, courting the currents of interpretation, etc. And life's a long journey (if you're lucky), and this past year especially I have felt the pull of multiple races. That's because for the past two-three years I've been working on changing my other career - the one I have in addition to my life, represented by this website, of fabulous front-woman of genius rock obscurity. I'm convinced that for the course of my life, the extra effort of these years will have been worth it, but yeah my this year my time with music has really suffered. And while in absence, my heart did grow fonder! And I've been playing for myself these past several days and let's just say my quads need to be stretched, but I'm still in pretty great shape. Also, I started a Facebook page , which means today is my first day of organized online social networking...

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