RadioMike played our X-mas single "G-L-O-R-I-A" on his 137th show and said nice stuff about us. I posted the nice stuff and did a little re-design to our press page . I think I also forgot to brag that Liza & the WonderWheels ranked in the Radio Crystal Blue Best of 2006 , and Liza was individually recognized as an "all-star" keyboard player for her work with The Larch . Of the nine new songs slated for our third record we now have basic tracks (drum + bass) on six. I was planning to record some rhythm guitar and vocals tomorrow night - which turns out to be good because that will be the easiest way to record the Radio Station ID tag that RadioMike asked if we could send to him. How cool is that? A Radio Station ID tag is used between songs to identify the station or DJ. I've always wanted to be one of those fun goofballs in a band that's joking around and being really funny in their 10 second ID. I think it's because like most American kids I developed too much of my expectations of reality by watching television. Summer vacation re-runs of the Monkees (on weekday mornings at 10 am - perfect cereal watching) being a formative latent-rock period influence on me. I thought one of the most fun parts of our August 2006 UK tour was the whole band staying together at our host's lovely country home and taking our trips out to do anything and to play shows, and all piling into the rental car, driving 'round the round-abouts, figuring out where to go and then stumbling out of the car. We kept cracking me up all around the Hampshire towns. And taking band shots: hey, hey we're the WonderWheels!

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