Entertainment tonight: If it's Monday than Brooklyn vs. Bush is on the telly! Go to Freddy's and watch with friends in the back room, or tune in to: BROOKLYN: Mondays at 11:30 pm on BCAT: 3, Time Warner: 56, Cable Vision: 69 or without cable box: 10. MANHATTAN: Wednesdays at 9pm Manhattan Cable: 1, Time Warner: 34, RCN or Digital: 110 (Or, watch the episodes posted online ) Now, there are two kinds of shows: nights where I just know exactly what I want to wear - I picture the place, the set we're gonna play and a look comes to mind. This is so much more preferable than the nights where it's 10 minutes past the time I wanted to have called the car service and I'm still frantically trying on and discarding every and anything. For Saturday night's show I wore a black thrift store dress that I think of as 80's formal with a lace top and chiffon-y, layered, swirling skirt that's fun to dance in. It's got these kind of horrible sticking out T-sleeves that I've restrained with different pins, ropes, ribbons, hair clips, etc. This time I used matching black "dog collar" wrist bands and added pink boots and pink dangle earrings. We all (RebelMart - Larch - Saudi Agenda) created a big fun scene; what a high quality crowd we get in NYC - creative, fun loving, never sloppy. And as Paula Carino reviewed in her Blog the Living Room Lounge Brooklyn is a nicely decorated space with a lot of potential. I hope they reconsider the unfair band payment policy that left our three groups feeling like we could do without the extra shafting. (Isn't paying a band $10 when you know they've collected over $150 at the door - not to mention all the alcohol sold - kind of like tipping a waiter a dime? It's certainly worse both economically and energetically than playing for the love of the tip bucket.) I'm not griping though - I had a good time and wasn't in charge of anything.

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