It was a watered-down weekend of rock and recovery. No drink or debauchery for me, and still I overdid it a bit. Skelter rocked Desmond's dump up on Park Avenue Friday night, and I was there to see. Saturday we played at Patti's Parti, two drum format of Joe + Tom, Andy on bass, me, Ian, plus Alan from Crash Course Karaoke and Circus Guy. Three full sets, and never more then three guitars at a time. We're doing some very interesting stuff on "Eddie Come Down" (MEET THE ANIMAL) these days. Did "Sugar Magnolia" as a Birthday request. In a Norwegian social club that hasn't changed since the fifties - private so you're still allowed to smoke inside - wood paneled dance floor and a full wall of sporting trophies, an Italian Birthday party, generous and lovely was held in a China Town section of Brooklyn. Posted two more shows a long weekend mini-tour of slightly upstate NY, November 3-5.

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