Tuesday - walking by the sea between my mother and my sister, we saw five dolphins in the Atlantic water. Right there! So close. The tide was in. They were fishing just past the breakers. Leaping and fishing... I've never seen dolphins in the wild like that, although years ago I knew a girl from Hawaii who described that kind of thing, and there it was in New Jersey! The water was fine. The sun not too strong. Came back, back to the New York Mood by 4th of July. Prior to that... congratulations to ERM and thanks for a very nice time at your graduation party. The Beef is together again for a summer party tour 07/07. I predict a comprehensively good time! Ran into Normal on Prince Street in SoHo. Ended up going over to The Pit just to hang as well as we had some good rehearsals before leaving off a little for 07/07. I really should record something as third record's lacking only overdubs and mixing plus one re-do. I think I'm ready for that last step in taking the interior music out, and externally the timing would be good for a Larch & the WonderWheels compilation on our tour this October to the UK. Going back... we played at the Tom Pope birthday shaboo on Sat. June 23. Very fun. There was definitely something in the air as I thought some top-notch sets were played by all the bands. Ours included "Hush Now Sweet Pea" and "Song About a Pigeon" (MEET THE ANIMAL) as well as "No Exceptions," "Where Is My Robot Maid?" and "Midnight Lightening" (UNRELEASED). What we did on the summer solstice: went with some of the Aires Party Gang to the concert now known as The Great Richard Thompson Rainout at the Brooklyn Bandshell . I thought it was good soggy fun, personally. A big communal shower experience... if only we'd all been eight years old and free of grownup-ly concerns like sheltering the school work in our bags and dry clean only trousers. Added information to the lyrics of Dead Man Talking (AND THE WONDERWHEELS) - the last words of Shaka Sankofa as I first found them transcribed on the Internet - what inspired me to write the song. And wrapping up this round-up... on Sat. June 16 we played the MFA VII benefit at The Hook. Our set: "No Exceptions," "After Last Night," "Learning Lessons," "Where Is My Robot Maid?" "P-E-T-R-O-L-E-U-M," (all UNRELEASED) "Song About a Pigeon," (MEET THE AMIMAL) "Midnight Lightening" (UNRELEASED), "Glam Jacket" (AND THE WONDERWHEELS) and "Eddie Come Down" (MEET THE ANIMAL). The unblinking creative eye of our Video Man James Dean documented this crazy-fun Beef set from around 1:30 in the morning with special guests too numerous to mention.

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