Yesterday was supposed to be our rest day. After rocking out, drinking up and partying down for two days at the Tap Room and then the private party at the yacht club, we were just gonna go over to Belcher's to catch up on watching new Doctor Who episodes. But of course that meant that to get home we had to walk by Freddy's, and so we decided to go in for a quick one. The luck of the vortex was with us, and an hour later we were enjoying another classic Freddy's night and an unannounced Saudi Agenda set. Before they started, emboldened with the confidence of two days spent pulling off improvised performances with new line-ups and half-learned oldies covers, and glowing with yesterday's sun exposure, and two G&T's, I did something in front of people I've only done in five minute increments in rehearsal studios trying not to annoy anyone at the beginning and end of practices. I jumped into a jam and played the drum set! It felt great. Back in the days when American public schools had music programs, I requested drums as my instrument on pick-your-instrument day in the third grade. I didn't get my wish not just because it's un-lady-like to wanna bash the skins, but also because drums were one of the most expensive choices, and of course one of the loudest things you could pick, and there was no patience budget or re-finished basement for a novice drummer at the time in our household, although I did learn the clarinet out of the bargain, and a few years later we got a pretty upright piano for my Mom's birthday which I played all the time. So playing the drums registered highest on my internal news of this weekend, and there is also out-turnal news as well of a biggish nature: Remember that TV talk show I taped six demo episodes of back in April with the Brooklyn vs. Bush producers? Well they're airing those six episodes at various times over the next several weeks on Brooklyn Cable as "specials," and we're starting to talk schedules for more taping, which means more political conversations and hopefully some sort of consciousness raising for somebody someplace, in addition to me having a blast as Liza Jesse Raphael, and us now working towards consistency and really drawing the most entertainment out of the content while eyeing a regularly assigned weekly time-spot in the fall. The show is called FREDDY'S BROOKLYN ROUNDHOUSE . ***** The four song set we played on Friday as the first performance of the Larch & the WonderWheels UK 06 touring band was: - Bat Boy Signs Up (Ian) - Sicker Than I Thought (Ian) - Song About a Pigeon (Liza) - Looking for the Light (Liza) The Brooklyn Yacht Club crowd is always a trip, outspoken, ready to party and interactive - walking up to make conversation as we are actually in the middle of playing a song, friends and relatives volunteering each other to come up and sing with the band... and they made us an offer for New Year's Eve. Yes, on July first. We'll be committing to that I'd say within the next few weeks, so if anyone else out there wants to make a five-figure counter-offer, please contact the Auctioneer (which would be me).

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