Changed slightly the major to minor-y thing in the bridge of my new song, and now "Midnight Lightening" is really done for sure. Hey, another Saturday night spent making music at a good vibes dive, this time at the Court House Bar & Grill on Long Island. Four Wheels in Andy's car, the expressway starts in Brooklyn and takes you past JFK airport. Miles of highway later, we exit into anywhere suburban landscape: car dealerships, diners, gas stations. I realize we're paralleling a Long Island Rail Road train, every few minutes another town, another stop. The cute street of Massapeaqua Park: single story business district, two bars, two restaurants, a very tiny law firm, real estate, drug store, barber shop, a few chains. Our bar is near the train, a desirable location clearly. The outside looks like Brooklyn. Inside it smells okay. The walls are decorated with plaques of casts from old TV shows: the Munsters, Welcome Back Kotter, "the Men of Mayberry." I see a deep fryer, and a menu is posted above the bar, but no one orders food the entire time we are there. The later it gets, the more people walk in through the back door from the parking lot, off the train from the city to do some more drinking close to home. There's a stage in the corner, and we spread out. Scott on congas started talking to Joe, and I guess ran home to get his drums, and joined us for the first set. We played as Plastic Beef , took turns singing, mostly covers, a few of my songs - "Loops" and a bizarre split "Eddie Come Down" that threw the last verse all the way into the second set. The reunion of Rachel Got Arrested was truly rock and roll. Go Roger Reverb, Go! MVP again goes to Alan Bigalow of Crash Course Karaoke , helpful, pleasant, talented he's been playing with the Beef and also joined Tad Schaefer for a jammy blues set. As so frequently happened, the late night, after-a-round-of-shots set was my favorite. The music just seemed to flow. There was no curfew, we Walked on Sunshine, we had the Cumberland Blues, "Where Is My Robot Maid" snuck in there somewhere, the "Killing Moon" song I mentioned, "Substitute," "No Woman No Cry," ended with "Goin' Down the Road" at 3am. Ian & I were the first dropped off back home at 6. If it was June it woulda been light out already. Basically over the virus, just the slightest bit of congestion left which actually felt good giving me a hint of smoke on the vocals, and a powerful awareness of my chest voice for the belting numbers. The TV show I host, Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse has moved time spots to be back-to-back with Steve's other brilliant show, Brooklyn vs. Bush , so if you care to watch TONIGHT (Monday): a) Go to Freddy's and watch in the back room. b) Watch your TV 11:00pm Freddys Brooklyn Roundhouse
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