The Cat Baby is Dead! Long Live the Cat Baby! I miss our kitty. At the end the most likely diagnosis was lung cancer and even the world's most confident cat couldn't vanquish that. Everybody at the vet's was really nice to us. After, they sent us a little piece of mushy clay with his paw print in it. A package in the mail. We baked it last night in the toaster oven. Only pictures, and the other skittish cat now a lonely sidekick. And the hope that one day we'll have a pet like you again. RIP Chinaski. Major Change, speaking of you: I've got another new haircut, shorter than ever and mucho fun. High-fashion Heart hooked me up with the perfect look of my own. I brought in a picture, but she created a shape which has been called: glamorous, elvish, a mullet, not a mullet, a she-hawk and flattering. Once I get my hijacked camera back (long story involving a ransom and a vocational training program) there will be pictures. I had the new hair for the last three shows which all took place within the last week. The next time we're playing will be this Saturday Aug. 11th at Freddy's . A Plastic Beef Variety Show: 7:30 Plastic Beef 8:10 Pocket Monster 8:45 LIZA & THE WONDERWHEELS 9:20 The Puppetheads 9:55 John Sharples Band with Erica Smith 10:30 The Larch 11:05 4x4 11:30 The Saudi Agenda 12:10 Plastic Beef That's equal helpings of surf, jam + rock with the guarantee of numerous clever covers, pithy original tunes, and the occasional English accent. It's also Roger's birthday.

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