I'm glad I'm not living in 1830's England in a city about to face a cholera epidemic like the characters in the book I'm reading. However, I do admire the gumption of the weasel-y landlord character who froths "you'll not invade the house of a free man" as he is used to introduce the theme of a populist base eager for voting reform + ignorance of disease = fatally widespread disbelief about the real scourge of cholera, thinking the board of health quarantines etc. a means of dispelling reform meetings and punishing the working class, which maybe it also was. As usual life is too complicated for very effective conspiracy, but reading this note of casual sovereignty made me miss a dignity I don't see often enough in the citizenry around me. And, I put my finger on what the problem is with MySpace: Do you really want to invite a man like this into your house? If you have a MySpace page I think you should research the newish owner who has purchased the personal information and friend-making sociology-marketing statistics of a generation. You could start here:

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