Yes, there is already one pretty well known NYC music venue called the "Living Room," but that's in Manhattan. Don't let the disarmingly similar name of the place The Larch played on Saturday - "The Living Room Lounge" - distract you from the fact there is a great new place for music to be played, enjoyed and partied to in Brooklyn. The "L.R. Lounge" is charmingly decorated - filled with magnificent antique sofas and warmly lit by chandeliers. It's one big room with pool table, yet cozy. L-shaped bar. Gorgeous bathrooms, pleasant staff, professional & courteous sound guy (thanks Bobby!) and a nice owner who used to have a bar called 13 Little Devils (now closed) on the Lower East Side. Thanks to Rachel for the booking. Although she left before I could give her a Liza & the WonderWheels record, we had another nice conversation talking about cheap rents and times gone by in other towns. Plans have been hatched for a 3-band party there this August, and I think that's something to look forward to. Time to mention here that the 10 bands "Musicians Fights ALS" benefit night Liza & the WonderWheels played at on May 6 at the Liberty Heights Tap Room will be donating $650 to ALS-NY. Thanks to all you givers!

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